About us

Elemaint was founded in 1990.

It avails itself of the very first experiences in the projection field for the computer science world with the use of the ELECTROHOME systems, one of today’s leading systems in this industry.

All this, makes our company able to provide its clients an accurate service since the presale stage, so that we can assure a solution able to consider both the infrastructures of the rooms needed for the projections and the technical resources as far as the hardware used.

Mission Statement

To scoop the competition by favouring quality, developing new ideas and new applications.

The Vision

To be a great audiovisuals’ reference company that offers innovative products and personalized services thanks to our managerial and technological well-established experience.

46/90 Law

In order to assure an onward and upward service to our customers, we certify that the installations we realize and provide are safe conform to the 46/90 law.