Alarm Systems

The alarm systems that are Elemaint proposes a technological point of arrival as part of the security systems for property and individuals security.Alarm systems contain the best of technological development regard reliability and modularity.

The alarm system reliability is a directly proportional to its stability in time without manifesting strange defects or malfunctions. The modularity and flexibility of our alarm systems will allow to calibrate the best protection that you will want to apply to your property according to budget.


Easy to Use

One of the merits of Elemaint alarm system in the choice of devices for the control of the alarm system.The management of placements and disarming,monitoring the state of the system and the supervision of the alarm system can be implemented using practical keyboard with large display on which are shown simple status icons and messages.
There are also readers with electronic key contact or prossimity be installed next to the switches inside and / or outside of your property.

To the outside are also available wall proximity readers with IP67 degree of protection.Radio remote controls are available from key chains, also bidirectional version with response on the remote state,off of your alarm system.Also,for those wishing a high standard of recognition,are available fingerprint biometric readers are able to discriminate the person asking permission to inspect the alarm system.

Specifications for Elemaint Alarm System:

  • Self-protected metal enclosure
  • Protection tear off the wall
  • Battery backup max 18 A/h
  • Power RS485 bus
  • LCD with large display
  • Using sensors wire and/or wireless sensors
  • Up to 26 voice messages on alarm
  • Description of the voice alarm zone
  • Central management with DTMF telephone
  • E-Mail messages for fault alarm
  • SMS messages to control the central
  • Contact ID protocol for private Watches
  • Total remote supervision with PC
  • TCP connection to a local network/internet
  • Interfaced with home automation systems for alarm/fault
  • Manage via touch screen

Features of Alarm Systems management:

  • LCD menu user friendly
  • Up to 8 groups of insertion
  • Up to three partitions per group
  • Keys proximity
  • Remote mono-or bi-directional
  • Radio keypad
  • Control by SMS
  • Interactive Voice Control
  • Weekly time programmer
  • Checking summer/evening
  • Control holidays
  • Status Monitor SIM
  • Virtual keyboard web
  • Manage via internet explorer
  • Manage via touch screen

Alarm System Characteristics and Interfaces:

  • LCD keyboards
  • LCD keypad with proximity reader
  • PSTN/GSM interface
  • GPRS interface
  • TCP wired interface
  • TCP Wi- Fi interface
  • Expansions inputs and outputs on bus
  • Mono-or bi-directional radio receivers
  • Sirens via two-way radio
  • Activators key to box 503 ticino
  • Proximity Readers indoor/outdoor
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Listen-in module
  • Interface for CCTV cameras
  • Software for alarm and video monitoring
  • Software for handheld
  • Web Interface server/internet explorer


For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation, rental and sale of videowall, Screens, Ledwall, Projection and Sound Equipment Video, with clients ranging from north (Lombardy, Trentino alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia. We have a great cover,with design services, installation, rental and room in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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