Central alarm

Elemaint designs and installs complete security systems, industrial and professional alarm systems and burglar systems. These alarm systems are fully
integrated on video surveillance systems and home automation.

The alarms are governed by a powerful microcontroller and, with the ability to integrate directly on the motherboard expansion 8 inputs, the TCP module, PSTN communication module and GSM/GPRS interface, satisfy all the communication needs now required in the burglar environment.

All alarms are reported accurately on the live central recorder or on the graphic map creating a complete interaction between the burglar and surveillance

At any time the operator can intervene on the system disabling areas, isolate sensors, activating sirens etc.. directly from the display of the
cameras screen.
There are 4 different versions based on the number of zones (rows or radio) to be monitored.

Figure 2 shows an example of My-home integration – Alarm – Surveillance

Figure 3 shows an example of integration alarm – CCTV industrial plant.

Some important features of central alarm:

  • Software display
  • Map Vvew – home plan
  • Mobile Application – PDAs
  • Integration with video surveillance
  • Integration with home automation system

Integration with video surveillance systems and home automation allows the user to control its own home in a safely and conveniently way.

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