Big Screens

The Big Screens can be effective for displaying advertisements. Their modularity and flexibility has made sure that the fields of application for the giant screens have been extended considerably in recent years. For example are used in sporting events, live events, concerts, vehicles, highways, etc.

The Big Screens are convenient because they do not need the cost of printing, pvc and their installation and replacement frequently. With big screens in ledwall just a simple layout tailored to upgrade your advertising in real time.

The Big Screens are flexible because you just need a simple programming of the layout that can be set any time of day for the advertising message automatically change. Elemaint deals from years of design, installation and rental of LED display screens and Big Screens. Below,here are some of the possible applications:

  • Big Screens for Sport Events

Can be an example of the Big Screens on the sideline or above the curves as billboards etc ect.These screens are now mandatory for companies of a certain level that,over the economic upside of advertising has a significant visual impact.

  • Big Screens for Advertising

There are screens of various sizes where you can schedule messages, logos,advertising of any kind and any time of the day.Use of this giant screen is typical by advertising agencies that buy the screen and then sell advertising space.The screen is usually purchased as an extension to their offering and proposed integration of fixed panels,publications and
Billboard advertising digital.The main difference compared to traditional advertising signboards consists in the possibility of acquiring a multiple number of clients for a single screen. The transmission is divided into small spots,usually lasting 15/20 seconds cyclically displayed on the display.

  • Led Advertisign Panels

The new generation of billboards.Just like the classic form, but with the important difference of being able to change the advertising message based on different effector parameters,periods of the day and events.This particular type of large-screen,provides optimal visibility,high standards of personalization and low maintenance.The creative possibilities of these screens are countless,and the result is often amazing.

For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation, rental and sale of videowall, Screens, Ledwall, Projection and Sound Equipment Video, with clients ranging from north (Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia. We have a great cover, with design services, installation, rental and room in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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