Led Panels

Achieve high efficiency at the level of communication with the aim of making known to the general public one or more marks,one or more products.Everything is possible with the LED digital billboards, even large ones in the event that a company wants to convey,for example one or more brands to an audience which,howevercan only see from a distance.


The maximum image return not be achieved with traditional billboards,but with those who adopt the new generation of LED technology,which allow you to do in every way digital advertising.


Elemaint is constantly looking for specific solutions in the sector,to provide big screens and billboards led ideal to convey the business efficiently targeted.Once installed,these can then be sold by the same company that installed them,or you can hire to take the time you need,such as a week to coincide with a major event,a festival or a fashion that normally fails to attract tens of thousands of visitors.


Advertise with digital screens and then with billboards LED means you can go to schedule the commercials from a centralized location,directly or remotely via the Internet easily updating what is the video playlist desired by its advertisers.Unlike a traditional static billboard,which tends to age and literally to turn yellow over time by providing a less effective communication,with a large screen with LED technology not only everything is surprisingly simple,but anyone who looks at him,thanks to high- definition,think to be in all respects to the movies.


This is because it can spread by programming the playlist,not only videos,but also pictures and maybe the music is perfectly in line with the particular event that is taking place in a particular place and that can be,for example,a concert,an election rally,a sporting event or a theatrical performance.


The LED billboards allow to submit creative in their own playlist for example by adding real-time text messages and animated titles without the uploaded videos must necessarily be changed.


Those who have already tried this tiplogia is aware of the effectiveness of screens that have to capture consumers and the industry saw that the experiences offered with sound,text,music,images and videos are particularly engaging.Innovation offering engineering,these billboards with LED technology allow versus competitors can always make a step forward on the market in the face of any effort since the installation company,in case of sale and/or rental is can provide you with all the software for the control easy to use but also effective to be able to take advantage and profit on each component of the system.


Being digital systems,for the advertising panels LED need of a maintenance that,rarely,occurs in a few steps and in a less invasive manner.This is because these screens of the new generation of the connections do not have visible and,above all,there are those real tangles of cables and wires as has been seen in the past for electronic panels of the old generation that very often stop working.


For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation,rental and sale of videowall,Screens,Ledwall,Projection and Sound Equipment Video,with clients ranging from north (Lombardy,Trentino alto Adige)to Sicily and Sardinia.We have a great cover,with design services,installation,rental and room in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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