Conference Rooms Forniture

A conference is a meeting in which several competent persons participate in order to discuss a matter of importance.

This is an obvious definition and a rather banal one to boot. However, the concept of ‘conference’ is often underestimated and taken for granted, so much so that in practical terms conferences are often set up in last-minute or inadequate settings and held in rooms unsuitable for shared reflection, which can diminish the very meaning of the term and impair the quality of the scientific or business communication on hand.

Elemaint, confident in their credentials and competence, have been a conference room design and installation leader for years; they offer companies, business people and all sorts of specialists the opportunity to carry out successfully their chosen conference, workshop or seminar. Indeed, learning statistics show that there is a direct relationship between the listeners’ positive feedback and a comfortable, suitably equipped conference environment. How many times have we participated in a conference where we were seated uncomfortably, squeezed by our neighbours, in an overcrowded room without suitable technical equipment, wishing for the whole ordeal to be over and done with quickly? It is therefore completely understandable that our interest in the matter being discussed will be influenced by where and how we come to listen to said discussion.

Elemaint wish to contribute to the positive outcome of your conference through their provision of ad hoc settings and layouts with formal, minimal furniture solutions, in suitably laid out environments equipped with essential technological solutions. Elemaint provide furniture solutions for conference rooms taking care of the choice of furniture items, with furniture, desks and seats of any colour and material, in order to meet all of the client’s requirements.

Above all, Elemaint can provide a wide range of video projectors, monitors, Videowalls, all designed and produced using the latest technical specs, from AP/LCD monitors to retro-projecting modules, DLP or LCD, all the way to DLP or LCD projectors, or LED projectors. In other words, Elemaint’s conference space layouts and settings leave no room for boredom and make disturbances a thing of the past!

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