Meeting Rooms Forniture

The fundamental pre-requisites of a meeting room are confidentiality and the collective engagement of the participants in a discussion.

A meeting can have many purposes: whether it’s a budget discussion among CDA members, a strategic discussion prior to the creation of a new company, the presentation of a project or the confidential communication between directors and collaborators,

Elemaint, the specialist in meeting room furniture, can ensure that your meeting can be more formal and effective than ever through their competence in the layout and installation of seating and presentation arrangements suited to your specific purpose. All solutions are accompanied by the best technological support to facilitate the intelligibility of the company’s agendas.
The furniture of a meeting room must be minimal but reflect at the same time the positive image of a company or committee.

This is why Elemaint offers the installation of layouts that are close to the client’s vision, from comfortable ergonomic seating to the “classic” table, the pivotal element of a successful discussion.

These apparently obvious observations reveal underestimated yet vital aspects: how can a group of professionals talk business in a makeshift or badly furnished room where meeting participants sit on chairs which are either too uncomfortable or too far apart?

Elemaint ensures that your meeting proceeds smoothly and impeccably.

Most importantly, Elemaint offer their technical support in order to furnish and supply a meeting room at its very best. For instance, they provide professional video projectors, available in both LCD and DLP specifications, with different entry points, analogue, composite or digital, also in HD, on which to run your PowerPoint slideshow presentation. Or in the case of a video conference, the highest specifications monitors on the market and the installation of audio and video equipment are able to transform a simple meeting in a multimedia experience. Of course, place-marker folders with pen and paper, internet connections and telephone line complete the picture of a typical Elemaint-designed meeting room.
For over 20 years Elemaint have curated the design and furnishing of Meeting Rooms, serving a client base ranging from the north (Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige/ South Tyrol) to Sicily and Sardinia.
We offer onsite services comprising design and installation solutions, along with rental and sale facilities in Rome and Milan.

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