Weather Control Rooms Forniture

Alongside the supplying of control room furniture, Elemaint are focussing on the layout and supply of modern functional operations rooms able to facilitate the tasks of public and private bodies involved in the management of emergencies, localisation of vehicles on roads and motorways, seismic activity and weather monitoring, or at any rate with any logistical operation or task.

Arredo Sale Operative Meteo e Traffico Aereo 1

The design of operations rooms’ solutions req uires an intelligent use of space and a technological support suitable for the task on hand. In order to fulfil the requirements of clients from the most disparate sectors Elemaint offer their competence and the necessary tools to fully supply operations rooms: so they provide static or movable vehicle localisation monitors (with GPS option). On the other hand they produce integrated communication systems with transmitters, multi-frequency radios and satellite decoder TV sets. We also supply the installation of a control network able to monitor and coordinate town or council surveillance systems, particularly useful to bodies such as Guard corps or the Local Police. We should not forget, moreover, Elemaint’s other big area of expertise, which is the design and supply of weather control room enabling the monitoring of climate and seismic developments in a region through data collected by a regional network of weather stations, as well as the projection and analysis of such data and the subsequent creation of ad hoc provisional models.

There’s more: Elemaint also deal with emergency management rooms, such as for instance the various units constituting Civil Protection organisations. The focus in on operation rooms able to facilitate and maximise resources and devices through audio and video support and the care of communication systems. We can guarantee the functionality of the respective stations, from Call Takers to analysts, from radio operators to operation room managers, and enable the correct IT equipment necessary to the establishment of databases and transmission of the acquired data. If you put your trust in Elemaint in all matters of operations room furniture and supply, your future will be safer and safer!
Arredo Sale Operative Meteo e Traffico Aereo 2For over 20 years, Elemaint have supplied clients all over Italy with weather station equipment weather monitoring room furniture layouts; our clients range from the north of Italy (Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia. We offer onsite services comprising design and installation solutions, along with rental and sale facilities in Rome and Milan.

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