Multiviewer PREDATOR 2 HD4 / HD8 / HD12 / HD16 / HD 20 / HD 24 / HD 32

Predator II-GX is more than just an HD multiviewer. It is a complete HD control and monitoring solution. It features auto-sensing support for multiple input standards and a modular architecture that allows smaller models to be expanded as demand grows.

The Predator II-GX multiviewer is an ideal solution for smaller control room settings as a standalone system for 4 to 32 channels, or for medium to large control rooms where multiple Predator II-GX multiviewers can be combined as part of a distributed multiviewer solution.

Combining pristine quality images, easy-to-use editing software and an array of standard monitoring capabilities, the Predator II-GX also offers extensive ancillary data decoding capabilities and provides on-screen decode and display of closed caption, digital vertical interval time code and aspect ratio data (Wide Screen Signaling/Active Format Description). The optional computer graphics card allows for the addition of test, monitoring or control sources on-screen as part of the multi-image display.

The Predator II-GX multiviewer is well-suited for a control room that is expected to be redundant, flexible and open to future growth. Available in a 1 or 2RU enclosure, Predator II-GX offers industry-leading graphic capabilities and is ideally suited to master control, outside broadcast and production environments.