Home Automation

In the world of technology becomes more advanced,we find in our daily lives and in our personal home. Comes the need for home automation that is increasingly popular and is becoming a common practice.

Elemaint offers several solutions for home automation systems and the creation of an automated home tailored to your needs.

The process is one embodiment of a home automation,through the control through technology,automating everything that we would do manually.

Home automation systems perform a wide range of different activities in the house:on of the lights and their control,alarm system,irrigation,operation of appliances,drive roller shutters,heating,video surveillance,volume of music in different environments,home cinema ect ect

Home Automation

Home automation system is a set of different devices in a home which takes full advantage.Home automation means integration between intelligent devices.We can comfortably handle with unique home automation system:

  • Security ( gas leaks,fire,flood,intrusion,CCTV,technical alarms,emergency calls)
  • Air conditioning systems (boilers,air conditioners,temperatures in different environments),lighting,motors( curtains,blinds,shutters,overhead doors,gates,doors)
  • Electrical outlets,electrical consumption, communication (telephony/data,video-intercom)
  • Multimedia (SAT TV,home cinema,broadcast audio/video)
  • Irrigation
  • Home

Make the best of the home automation system means to love themselves and their families. A home automation system increases the quality of life,reduces stress and makes sure your home.

All this is controlled and managed in a simple and intuitive control panels,touch screens,mobile devices such as iPhone,iPad via remote or local.

Smart Home Control

Elemaint deals with design and install automation of your home and make it manageable with simple control panels.


Strategies for Creating a Home Automation System:

  • Improving the life comforts interacting with the house.
  • Improve the safety of your home
  • Save energy
  • Simplify the design,installation and maintenance,and reduce costs.


Domotics Home


For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation,rental and sale of videowall, Screens, Ledwall, Projection and Sound Equipment Video, with clients ranging from north (Lombardy,Trentino alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia. We have a great cover, with design services, installation, rental and room in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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