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Elemaint has to catalog and stock a wide range of video projectors.

From video projectors with technology, DLP, LCD video projectors with up to LED technology.

With twenty years of experience in the field of projection, from the first cathode ray tube CRT video projectors up to the latest generation of LED video projectors, Elemaint therefore offers sales,service,rental,repair of video projectors.
Each customer has its own requirements, from Projector Portable, compact and easy to transport, to the Digital Cinema video projectors.

Elemaint projector offers from entry-level to high-end professional video video projectors.
Not all video projectors are equal and therefore, the choice should be targeted:the price of a projector has a direct impact on the quality, but also its size, weight,technical characteristics and projection technology and that the heart of the projector itself.

You have to decide which projector meets their needs. Consider the environment in which it will be installed, the distance from the projection screen, and then equip the projector with fixed or variable. The basic technical characteristics are as important as the technology used, on which depends the quality of the product.

The video projectors DLP chip version 1 or version 3 chip,are recommended to those who want a balance between brightness and contrast ratio,display motion pictures and show the sources from PC.

The LCD video projectors are suitable for presentations,display sources from PC at work or school and home entertainment,but without claim in case you were looking for solutions projections with video signals from DVD movies and video projections.

Video projectors with the new LED technology will go to meet the costs of the lamps of LCD and DLP video projectors.Even today,however,these LED video projectors have a low brightness but with the advantage in respect of consumption, less heat, high contrast ratio of compared to LCD video projectors, DLP.

In addition to accessories such as optics for video projectors, screens, motorized drapes, brackets for video projectors and various connectors, Elemaint offers its clients a thorough evaluation and design of video projection equipment that you want to accomplish.

For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation,rental and sale of videowall,Screens,Ledwall,Projection and Sound Equipment Video,with clients ranging from north (Lombardy,Trentino alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia.
We have a great cover,with design services,installation,rental and room in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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