The Ledwall are considered as one of the methods more functional for outdoor advertising and are also used for other applications such as sporting events, live events, concerts and installation on vehicles.

They can be of different sizes since are formed by “tiles” that make up the entire ledwall. Placed at the roadside in the streets traffic of the city are a perfect substitute and technologically advanced billboard. In fact, the ledwall supplants the costs of publications, billboards and giant paper pvc.

The LED screens are extremely flexible: the client can create ads and ad space ad hoc and send them to ledwall at a certain time. They are used in many applications, here are a few:


  • Ledwall Advertisers
    With a large screen, which is nothing more than a ledwall, the classic and old-fashioned big billboard advertising becomes large screen through which you can more effectively convey their brand. A ledwall advertising in fact operates with LED technology, and is ideal for outdoor environments, both for domestic and characterized by large areas anyway.In this way, with a ledwall the message to be conveyed to potential customers comes to life than the static of a large billboard. The result with a large screen advertising ledwall is to a greater return on image for the company which then translates into greater profits.

Ledwall Pubblicitari


  • Ledwall for Municipalities
    The municipal authorities often need to make citizens aware of the initiatives in favor of the territory. And for that now, in addition to traditional communication channels, it is also exploiting new technologies to convey the work of a Comune.Per municipalities an efficient and technologically advanced is to acquire one or more LED screens. In this way, both inside the town hall, both outdoors, in a ledwall ensures a fair and efficient municipal administration visibility to their work.

Ledwall Comuni


  • Ledwall for Events
    They are ideal for events of major importance, and open to the general public , such as concerts, conventions, television shows, but also sporting events and performances of all types and kinds. We’re talking about ledwall are perfect with their LED technology to attract customers, visitors and spectators, and thus to spread garnering a brand, information and advertisements accompanied by music and soundtracks customizable. With a ledwall event your high-resolution large-screen advertising will always be able to entertain the crowd.

Ledwall Eventi


  • Ledwall for Sporting Events
    Provide viewers with quality content, in high resolution, even over long distances. This is because they allow the ledwall for sporting events, which are able to offer 360-degree visibility and a great dynamism that is clearly ideal for vehicular images, commercials, music scores and with a large impact and, consequently, with great returns economic and image. The LED screens for sporting events thus represent an ideal alternative to traditional two-dimensional and old giant screens .

Ledwall Eventi Sportivi

Elemaint offers its customers quality products ledwall, with specific advice and tailor-made with regard to their design, installation and after sales service.

For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation, rental and sale of videowall, Screens, Ledwall, Projection and Sound Equipment Video, with clients ranging from north (Lombardy, Trentino alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia . We have a great cover, with design services, installation, rental and sale in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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