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Elemaint outdoor LED Displays are large LED technologies designed to display pictures on building surfaces and on great size building structures. Elemaint outdoor LED Displays can be use for creative lighting for both high-impact visual images based on the needs of the architectural structure. Elemaint outdoor LED Displays Can be designed for outdoor displays like billboards, sporting events, outdoor events ect ect. Elemaint outdoor LED Displays have special technology.

All the lamps are arranged in vertical line and horizontal line. All the lamps can stand vertically (or with the same angle) on the PCB. The luminance dots are distributed uniformity to avoid a “black hole”. We can sure the rate of brightness difference less than 1:1.2. It means the luminance difference for any two lamps are less than 20%.
So, the luminance and color of whole screen are uniformity. Some advantages and features of Elemaint outdoor LED Displays:

  • Elemaint outdoor LED Displays Use high quality imported silica gel, which have a excellent capability of waterproof, anti-freeze and anti-high temperature.
  • Elemaint outdoor LED Displays passed the IP65 and IP67 tests (waterproof and dustproof tests)
  • Elemaint outdoor LED Displays can be used under the temperature of -25°C till +75°C.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel cabinet for better resistance
  • Flexible structure to allow the installation of curved outdoor LED Displays
  • Power cables with high reliability, high security and high isolation
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