FAQ Ledwall

Before you contact a company that deals with Ledwall,it is necessary to have clear ideas about the use of the instrument you want to do and your budget.Here are the most frequently asked questions that are posed to companies related to Led Wall,accompanied by the corresponding response. We are often asked what are the prices of a ledwall,and this is a very complex question to answer until you have carefully assessed your needs.

This section is intended to prevent either the acquirer or the companies wasting time due to lack of adequate information or confused.

Ledwall FAQ

1) What is a LedWall?

LEDWall is a large screen composed of smaller panels with LED technology.These panels,also called tiles,which are formed by LEDs,assembled with one another,form the entire LedWall.LedWall are equipped with ad hoc metal structures,because they can be very large and placed outdoors as,for example,to form billboards, (we speak in this case of Ledwall Outdoor) in concerts,events in general.Then come to fruition in the television field,but are increasingly used in advertising, automotive advertising,airport and train.In some cases,they may also be using the shell internally to some structures,and in this case we speak instead of Ledwall Indoor.

2) Who Buy A LedWall?

Led Wall are directed to service companies such as rental of television sets but also to companies that manage fixed installation of billboards and multimedia company highways,railways and airports.These operators can then,use a LedWall,advertise and display on large screens,both inside and outside of a specific area,any media or advertising..

3) How It Works a LedWall?

The LEDwall has a very simple operation,technically very similar to a videowall. Composed our ledwall with “tiles”will then be the control electronics to manage the tiles and compose the image from a computer or from a selected signal.The management obviously done remotely via Internet through the computer built into the Ledwall,in turn connected to the electronics management ledwall itself.The customer can then manage by computer via internet content ledwall at will.

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