Grid Ledwall

New LED panels with grid technology. Designed for windows or advertising signs with 85% of trasparency. Self-supporting structures made of aluminum for use with floor stand or to hang.
Extremely modular, they can be combined more grids and mounted together for customized installations of various sizes. Outstanding scenic impact.
The Elemaint’s Ledwall Indoor offer endless possibilities for projecting all information: culture, entertainment, tourism, road safety, sports, events, etc …
The Grid LED displayalso allow a more dynamic image and text. The transparent Elemain’st Indoor Ledwall have a special technology: all the lamps are arranged in a vertical line and a horizontal line.
Some feactures and characteristics of the grid ledwall indoor and generally same to Ledwall:
  • High quality Using as a silica gel, which has a ‘excellent waterproof ability, anti-freeze and anti-high temperature
  • Our LED display can be used under the temperature of -25 degrees to +75 degrees
  • Cabinet in aluminum and stainless steel for improved resistance
  • Flexible structure to allow a curved installation of the LED display
  • Power cables high reliability, security and isolation

Ideal for shop windows, boutiques, shops Billboards, Digital Advertising replacing neon signs.

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