Perimetral Ledwall

Suitable for use in environments such as stadiums and sports halls, Elemaint perimetral LED Displays offer a strong and flexible advertising tool. Elemaint perimetral LED Displays have pedestal for an optimal inclination and a complete view of both the public stadium and the cameras for broadcast. Some advantages and features of Elemaint perimetral LED Displays:

  • Elemaint perimetral LED Displays use high quality imported silica gel, which have a excellent capability of waterproof, anti-freeze and anti-high temperature.
  • Elemaint perimetral LED Displays passed the IP65 and IP67 tests (waterproof and dustproof tests)
  • Elemaint perimetral LED Displays can be used under the temperature of -25°C till +75°C.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel cabinet for better resistance
  • Flexible structure to allow the installation of curved perimetral LED Displays
  • Power cables with high reliability, high security and high isolation
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