Interactive Monitor Mirror system

Virtual store mannequin for shops and user interface applications. This monitor is a virtual mirror with embedded RFID and camera system on clothes and accessories.
Easy to install and use: the customer take  the dress, put it on the sensor and on the virtual mirror appears his figure with the dress worn

Use a camera to view kinetik user in the mirror becoming in turn a real monitor.

It can also be used in info KIOSK systems customized to display information on products with RFID accessories. The client supports the product based on sensor and automatically displays images and info of the product itself. The Monitor mirror and fully interactive, and a real interactive digital mirror.
Customers can see the images of the products they have chosen, displaying detailed information about these products and receive product recommendations on the monitors.

Available on formats:

• touch screen 10 ”
• touch screen 21 ”
• touch screen 42 ”
• touch screen 46 ”

The process as follows:

1. The customer selects an item that he or she finds interesting
2. The customer approaches the product, and RFID subsystem detects
3. The screen shows images of the product, along with information such as colors and available sizes, composition, price etc. The customer also receives recommendations of matching products and accessories
4. With the touch screen of the built-in monitor, the customer can navigate among other products, ask a salesperson brings a product, ect ect.

Ideal for shops, boutiques, digital advertising for setting up digital and interactive displays.

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