Stereoscopic 3D Monitor

Elemaint‘s product line, featuring innovative StereoMirror™ technology, provides the highest-quality stereoscopic image available in desktop monitor. These displays have the exemplary resolution and brightness you’ve come to expect from Elemaint. StereoMirror technology delivers stunning images for use in applications such as:

  • Geospatial & Photogrammetry
  • Medical Imaging
  • Molecular Modeling
  • Data Visualization

Elemaint‘s SD line is available in four sizes: 17″ with SXGA resolution (1280×1024), 22″ with SXGA+ (1680×1050) and 24″ and 26″ wide-formats with WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution. Only Elemaint StereoMirror™ monitors deliver the full resolution to both eyes for stunning stereo imaging.

StereoMirror™ technology enables an unprecedented level of stereo viewing comfort. Flicker-free operation allows extended stereo use with no discomfort. There is no restrictive “sweet spot” for viewing stereo images and there is no need to work in a dimly-lit environment. The monitor provides suffi cient brightness to be used in any office’s ambient light.

How does the StereoMirror™ work? 

The left eye polarized lens of the glasses blocks light from the top monitor while light from the lower monitor is blocked by the right eye lens


  • Multiple resolutions and sizes
  • Full-resolution stereo viewing
  • Flicker-free, high-contrast imaging
  • Viewable in typical offi ce lighting
  • Multi – user, wide-angle viewing
  • Side monitor option available
  • Compatible with several off -the-shelf graphics cards
  • Plug-and-play with OpenGL and DirectX applications that support stereo
  • Includes 5 pair of passive polarized glasses
  • Readily converts from stereo/3D to standard 2D

Product Types

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