A video wall or a giant screen videowall is composed of multiple modules that are installed with each other via dedicated chassis make up the whole screen the final say precisely videowall.

These modules can use various technologies such as rear projection, DLP , LCD monitor or Plasma. Each monitor is connected to a video graphics controller that has a portion of the entire screen, which is viewed in its entirety by all the screens that make up the videowall.

In standard installations the videowall have both 4:3 aspect ratio is 16:9, in fact, every single monitor or module is installed and supported in such a way as to have the aspect ratio you want. You can have a flexible configuration as 2×2, 3×3, 4×5 , and so on depending on how you want the aspect ratio and the size of the entire Videowall.

In recent years videowall have undergone a great change.

The modules and monitors that make up the videowall that are used today for video walls are LCD technology , APLCD , LED, Plasma , in some cases up to the latest technology in laser LPD arrived.

Technology changes , but the system and ‘ the same. These modules or monitors are designed for applications videowalls and structured with the chassis in such a way as to be side by side and ” blocked ” with one another.

Each module has one or more video inputs, RGB / DVI. These RGB or DVI inputs of each module are connected to a Graphics Controller and that ‘ consisting of N graphical outputs that just flying singly N videowall modules. This means that the total resolution of the entire video wall is the sum of the resolution of each monitor.

These controllers can have multiple video inputs both RGB and composite video, so you can view the entire video wall or portion of a more ‘ windows with the content of the video inputs.

They have the need ‘ to use a videowall companies or industries that have a control room for process monitoring and video images or multimedia.

Videowall are also very often used with excellent results for visibility and quality of the service, in the transport sector. They are often using the shell to update in real time the status of a service, whether it aereportuale or rail, alternating with moments of entertainment such information or dissemination of advertising information of great effect .


Sectors such as electricity  telecommunications, broadcasting, television , advertising, etc. , are those in which the video wall has a key role in monitoring. On the video wall can display processes , software for remote data , images, multimedia video  any process that the company needs to monitor . All this of course with systems that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Elemaint with over 20 years experience in the field of video wall designs and installs video wall control rooms of all sizes and needs. Following the customer from design to implementation and installation of the control room complete.
Designing and integrating new systems videowall video wall systems already exist.

Elemaint also offers technical support, maintenance and repair of existing facilities videowall at the customer.

For over 20 years Elemaint takes care of installation, rental and sale of videowall, Screens, Ledwall, Projection and Sound Equipment Video, with clients ranging from north (Lombardy, Trentino alto Adige) to Sicily and Sardinia.

We have a great cover, with design services, installation, rental and sale in the cities of Rome and Milan.

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