FAQ Videowall

Videowall Faq

Before you contact a company that deals with videowall,it is necessary to have clear ideas about the use of the instrument you want to do and your budget. The following are the most common questions that are asked companies about the VideoWall, accompanied by the corresponding response.

This section is intended to prevent either the acquirer or the companies wasting time due to lack of adequate information or confused.

1) What is the size that I can carry on a video wall ?

It depends on which product you choose,both for video projection for a videowall or LED system.The first question to ask is how much you want to spend or at least have an budget idea. Having a budget idea allows businesses to offer the suitable tool.Many users contact companies that sell professional video wall after visiting large shopping centers scattered around Italy and seen the cost of an average TV is totally distorted idea of the professional market.

2) What should I budget deal to buy a VideoWall?

To answer this question it is necessary to know what is the application that you intend to do the video wall,the type of company that will use it,what you want to display.There are countless options and prices on the market ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of euro.If you plan to buy a professional video wall is necessary to provide adequate expenditure on technology investment. For screens rather undemanding applications,quality and service,contact a mall any.

3) We do not have spending limits,I need a quote

Everyone who buys a product always starts with an idea of cost.The companies that deal with these technologies need as much data as possible to make an estimate centered to the real needs of the company.

4) I need a project to…

The realization of a project including video wall has a cost for the company that makes it.These costs usually are separated in case of purchase of the system.

5) I need a quote on the basis of a list of products ( brand and model) that I have in my possession.

A plant or a video wall system shall be designed and the designer assumes responsibility for the operation and quality of the designed system.Estimates of third parties may not satisfy the requirements of reliability and security for another company in the sector.

6) I am a private and I would like to buy a VideoWall

If you are a fan of this technology and you’ve got a budget from a few thousand Euros,you can request a quote to a specialized company.Please contact instead of a shopping center for non-professional.

7) How do I get the best value for money for a VideoWall?

Estimates for videowall systems similar in appearance but with considerable variations in price often hide significant changes in technology.The market for VideoWall is a technology market and as such constantly evolving and choose a trusted supplier with many years of experience is of paramount importance to avoid purchasing an obsolete technology.

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