Videowall LCD LED

Elemaint’s videowall have panels with high resolution and without a frame, are ideal for rental and control rooms, as well as for digital signage large format in a variety of applications and contexts.

Videowall series SNB have a thin frame that minimizes interruptions between screens thus forming a single large display size. I display for video walls are made so as to ensure an extended life with minimal maintenance.

Combining a robust design and a slim bezel with a stunning image clarity, high brightness and wide viewing angles thanks to the IPS panel with LED backlight, as well as excellent color gamut and low power consumption, these displays for digital signage not unmatched in the industry.

The reduced design of the frame makes them perfect for large video walls and control room. Highbrightness generates realistic images and sharp as crystal, while ensuring an extremely low power consumption.

The video walls are the ideal solution for large-scale visualization environments, such as exhibitions and shows, sporting events, control rooms, airports and railway stations.

Use the display Elemaint to display information from a distance or up close, thanks to the high pixel density.

On our video wall display information and content optimally especially in environments that require displays with high brightness and wide viewing angle. Support applications in large number of sectors and are often found in control rooms, in stadiums and at any public facility extended. Due to the high density of pixels that characterizes these displays, even the most limited spaces can take advantage of video walls, where customers can view the screens from far and near.

Ideal for:

• Display of Public Information
• Signs of shops
• Rental
• Control rooms
• Recording Studios

The video wall thanks to their versatility, offer multiple options to create an atmosphere that values the business environment, brands and messages through video picture messages visual and verbal. This screens also allow the monitoring of the contents at a distance on each of the screens of which they are composed, by connecting or dividing the various contents between them.

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